[NEWS] 1.10.1 patch release available!

New features:

  • When adding a new state in an object, the state content will be the default common object first state
  • Main menu: confirm when quitting
  • Increase BoundingBox of empty object so it's a 16px cube
  • Commands: change grey syntax color to purple
  • Keypress / mouse events: small text warning that it can only be triggered by the Hero
  • Adding a clear message error when need to define as hero
  • System hero model: fusion of properties camera moving
  • Clear error message when a tileset pciture is not a size multiple of square size
  • Add troop in list Team/Reserve/Hidden (change statistics, status etc)
  • Command move object: 1 to hero is also moving in diagonal if possible
  • File > Open BR folder
  • Debug options: button to synchronize map objects if object linking issue still happening
  • Display ID of the map in map properties
  • BoundingBoxes: show detections


  • Tileset picture not displayed correctly when switching selection
  • Translation not working for pixel perfect
  • Error window for pictures undefined in some specific cases
  • Screen resolution: issue time currency window in main menu
  • Screen resolution: icons issues for skills/items menus
  • Command enter a name wrong menu position
  • Mountain issue blocked with high square blocks in particular situation
  • Collisions not working with two following slopes down
  • Terrain value issue when teleporting object
  • Error when trying to change statistic of an enemy instance ID
  • Translation / Scaling sprites with layer > 0 crashing
  • Command move object / battle effect: html balises visible in some cases
  • Command condition: if test variable < or >, text is not showing completely
  • Missing collisions on some autotiles/walls/3D objects
  • When moving an event in an object events list, the reaction tabs are not updated
  • Objects listing issue when using teleport command object on a not saved map
  • Try fix rare corrupted JSON issue
  • Backups not working for Windows
  • Command delete object from map: if try to delete a deleted object, it deletes the hero

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