[NEWS] 1.9.0 release available!

New features:

  • Mouse controls (ingame)
  • Web browser integration
  • Draw mode pixel (you can draw elements on the exact pixel position of the mouse, when currently it's only drawing on the pointed square)
  • Terrain tag tileset
  • Detections: choose smaller boxes
  • System: initial party members
  • Command change weather (rain, snow, custom particles)
  • Command game over + game over screen
  • Command play a video
  • Hero description
  • Skills messages (ingame battles)
  • Updating default camera properties (distance+vertical angle)
  • Add Cyrillic letters to Default.ttf font
  • Adding a scrollbar for some comboboxes
  • Faceset scaling
  • Add Ukrainian language (beta)


  • Closing a project make engine crash
  • Memory leak with monster troop

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